Selected transaction in which Bernhard Umfahrer was involved:

  • Advice to a globally active group of companies on the planning and execution of a goup wide vendor due diligence

  • First ordinary shareholders‘ meeting of a non listed stock corporation and ordinary capital increase
  • Advice to a non-listed stock corporation on the establishment of an over-the-counter trading platform for its shares
  • Advice to management board of stock listed company concerning executive compensation issues
  • Advice to the management board of a stock listed company in relation to a potential takeover offer
  • Issuance of convertible bonds by using treasury shares to secure the conversion rights
  • Tender offer to repurchase convertible bonds 

  • Share buyback programme
  • Merger of two listed stock corporations and advice in judicial review proceeding on adequacy of share exchange ratio
  • Numerous ordinary and extraordinary shareholder meetings of listed stock corporations
  • Advice to CEO of private equity owned industrial group on management participation programme
  • Advice to a stock corporation in relation to a planned private placement
  • Advice to a stock corporation in relation to a planned partial privatisation and initial public offering (IPO)